Saturday, September 28, 2013

Popcorn Alphabet, Word Wall, Words & Number Stations

Check out our newest addition to our store!  This pack has both math & language stations. 
It is based on the Cypress Fairbanks List of 35 Kindergarten Words.

A fantastic set for parents & teachers!

1st & 2nd Grade To Be In The Store Soon!
If you would like us to add to the pack,
please message us!

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Happy Teaching!
Karen & Alison

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Properties of Matter Anchor Chart

New Product:
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Properties of Matter Anchor Chart
These pieces will help you create a fun anchor chart for your students.
What’s included:
Title for anchor chart
14 different “properties “ cards with corresponding pictures
Lines to make your web
Directions to help you create your chart

Here is my chart already made with the velcrow!  Yahoo ... easy to prepare year-to-year

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Monday Made It

I am so thrilled to be linking up with Tori again for Monday Made It!

1st: I love building up a positive classroom environment!  This is our newest addition to our store & the kids are loving it. There is more to it than the picture reflects & I am going to jazz it up in the next week & will repost the new picks ... can't wait!
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This product contains a fantastic system of rewards & incentives. Many of them are little or no cost to the teacher. Some of the ideas could be supplied by donations.

Have fun setting up your own system.

We put a ton of thought into a variety of ideas to add to this product & know there are many more great ideas out there. We would love to hear from you!

We hope this product helps support your positive classroom climate!

Signs for the header of the rewards for display

Punch cards in 4 different styles

Play money in a variety of increments for store set ups
(Can be used in dramatic play)

65 different coupons/cards with pictures & words that are easy for the children to understand
(The cards can be printed as a set or individually as coupons)

1 set of blank cards to create your own reward cards.

If there is something you would like us to add, please contact us @

2nd:  The second item I have been working on is a Color By Code set
It contains a variety of crayon colors and numbers 1-20. Perfect for giving directions on color-by-number activities.  The crayons are my own personal clipart ... getting crafty! LOL

Click the picture to see it in our store.

3rd:  For all of my zebra friends out there & black & white//rainbow chevron ...
Yahoo ... 
These are schedule cards to display in the classroom throughout the year. They were made to fit the $1.00 pocket charts you can find at Target, but a standard schedule pocket chart will work as well. You can also staple them on a bulletin board.

There are 78 schedule cards in this file.  We made these to fit our needs & we know there are many more ideas out there for schedules. We will be more than happy to add to our file upon request. You can email us @

I love that they have the clock attached ... no more reprinting clocks when I have misplaced them ... Oops I guess I just let you know I am not the most organized teacher ... but I am trying :o)

Religion was not included in this file because we are a public school. We might be able to add them upon request.

OK ... there are tons of others we have added & most are under 3 dollars with several free items ... please go check them out.  Before you rate, if you are unhappy, email us & we will help solve the problem.  We want you to love our stuff!

While you're here, join our contest.  If this 1st one is a success, we will offer many more!
Happy Teaching!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

After you enter on this blog, head on over to Planet Happy Smiles and enter again for more chances to win!

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Guided Reading Strategy Cards

Our Newest Product:  Guided Reading Strategy Cards
This Guided Reading Strategy Cards set includes 29 different strategy cards and an editable checklist as the student’s master each strategy. Each slide has 12 bookmark size cards on it of the same strategy. The cards are color coded to match the 4 different CAFÉ skill headings: Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary. 
This product is designed to be used in a Guided Reading group. After working on a specific skill with the kids in your small group, take the bookmark strategy card that you worked on and slide it into each child’s Guided Reading book. When the kids take their book home, this lets the parents know what you were working on with them and what they can continue with at home. It is a great tool for the school/home connection!

The picture ( with the word: example)  shows you all the strategies that are included in the set. There is an editable checklist included, too. The rest of the slides have a different strategy on each slide for easy printing on a specific strategy.
These are the same strategy cards that we have in our CAFÉ products. Below is a link to 1 of the CAFÉ products that we offer.

CAFE Strategy Cards:  click here

We use the CAFÉ when introducing the strategies in our whole group lessons. These bookmarks are to be used for small group instruction as another way to reinforce the strategies. 

We hope you find this helpful!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Comparing Numbers & Place Value:Alligator Chomp

Alligator Chomp! Comparing & Ordering Numbers 1-999
I am currently using this with my second graders & they are loving it!  Can't wait to add their pics. once I get permission from their parents.

Here is a new product online in our TPT store.

Comparing Numbers & Place Value:Alligator Chomp
This is a great set for K-3.
The number cards alone can be used in many ways!
Great for whole & small group work!

There are 106 pages in the package!  
It Includes:
2 different poems
Posters: Greater than, less than, equal to 
1-999 Number Cards 
Work Mats for station work/small groups 
(laminate & use dry erase markers)
Large Greater than/Less than Alligator & Equal Sign 
Pocket chart cards for practice 
Master Copy for math journal practice in black & white.

You can click here or on the pic. to see it in our store.

Happy Shopping!

I hope you like this product.  If you purchase, please rate it on the TeachersPayTeachers page.
Happy Teaching!