Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scientist Exploration

I put these tubs together from a variety of materials I have collected.  We used these tubs in our science lab to help discover some of the different jobs in science.  It was so interesting to see how the children investigated the materials in each tub.  As soon as I get permission to post pictures, I will.

Materials in the tubs: 
Vet: Melissa & Doug vet costume, ace bandage, stuffed animals, pet carrier, books about animals
Doctor: blood pressure machine, stethoscope, magnets to represent DNA strands, books about our 5 senses 
Geologist: a variety of rocks, eye protection, hand lenses
Physics: variety of magnets, magnetic gears, book about magnets 
Biologist: leaves, nests, dirt dabbers nest, hand lenses, turtle shell, books, file folder games
Paleontologist: dinosaurs, hand lenses, fossil, books

You can pick up the tub labels for free, please leave feedback it you do.  I know not all of the professions are provided, but those were the ones that I used. 

I hope this helps someone out there.
Happy Investigating!

NOISE! Cards

I made these for the zebra & polka dot lovers out there.  You can find them in my store for free.  Both patterns are in the same download.
Just print the set you want.

If you download, please leave feedback.

Just click: here or on the picture.

After you download & print, just add magnets to the back and slap on your dry erase/mag. board.

I added and ! for the kinder level ... at the beginning of the year, they may need another chance.
Happy Teaching!

Warm-ups~ Organization

I can’t wait to use my new folders on Tuesday!

In 2nd Grade at my school we have "Warm-ups" for the children to do at the beginning of class.  I put these folders together to organize them.
Each folder is going to hold am & pm "Warm-ups" for the week.

I would love to hear how you organize your table copies for the week.
Happy Teaching!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Writing Word Wall (Editable)

Newest Product Alert:
We are so excited about this item ...

This is a Word Wall set for individual writing folders/binders that is editable. It has 1st grade words in it, but any grade level can change the words to fit your grade level HFW.
Set includes:
-word wall page with alphabet and words
-page with other important vocabulary
-alphabet chart that matches our big Word Wall cards 
-vowel sounds page
-consonant blend page
-vowel combinations page
-cover pages for folder or binder 
Click: Here to check it out in our store!

If you have any suggestions or comments, you may write us at

Remember when you rate a product on TPT, you earn points to buy more products!

Happy Teaching,
Karen & Alison

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Helpers ~ Jobs In the Classroom

If you are looking for classroom helper/job cards ... look no further.  We have designed several sets and are adding new themes all the time.  If there is a theme we do not have, please let us know & we will get right to work on it.

Here are the ones for sale at this time & more being added soon:

 Click here to go to our store:  Here
We hope you find something that fits your needs.
Have a Happy School Year!
Karen & Alison

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Differentiation Station

Here are the drawer labels I have been working on.  These are the alphabet drawers redone that I posted on earlier ... here.

I love them so much more now, everything happens for a reason & I guess the reason was to make these cuter!
I can not wait to fill them with activities for the children to meet their needs.  Second graders ... watch out ... I am going to have fun teaching you!

Oh, and I had so much fun making their labels, I made some for me, too! I will be more organized this year!
Happy Sleeping ... I am going to bed!
If you want to pick up a set for your room ... just click the picture or here

Homework Club & Discussion Sticks

This is a set I made for my class room & I can't wait to use it!  The picture on the left is my board hanging in wait.  I hope you love it!  If you have any questions about it don't hesitate to ask.

If you want to purchase one for $1.00 on TPT click the picture.
I think I am getting just a tad bit excited about teaching 2nd Grade!!!!
I can't stop making things for them.
I saw their pictures online & they are such cuties!
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Possible Book Boxes?

Today I ate Chick-fil-a ...  As I was eating ... I kept looking at the drink holder box.  It seems pretty sturdy. HUMMMMMMMM!  I cut one divider off & put some books in it.  Maybe?  Must have color, could add cups for crayons/supplies, and then presto ... personal boxes for all.    Cheap & more durable than Ziploc bags.

What do you think?  To much work?

Brain ... stop now!


Snacks Anyone?

Here is my snack tub ... I have several things in it.
1. Pop-tarts~ Strawberry
2.  Popcorn
3.  Sweet & Salty bars in peanut and almond
4. Peanut Butter Crackers
5.  Gum

What am I missing? Help a hungry teacher out?

Snack Happy,

More Zebra Fun~

Tonight is a quick share :

I have been thinking about starting a Homework Club in my room, like so many others out there.  Here is what I came up with ... (coming to a TPT store near you)
I will also change it to match your theme.

I wanted it to match my decor, but also say ...
"I am happy  you are in the club!"

Now, for the soft side of me ... do you feel awful when kiddos fall out of the club?  I just don't know if I can do it ... poor little friends ...

Please help me work this out ...

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I am having so much fun setting up my new 2nd grade room!!!!  I must admit, I was scared at first ... Not as much anymore.

I just love the way it is coming together. I thought I did some pretty fun Kinder rooms, but 2nd grade is so different.

Here are some of my newest additions:

These are my helper cards!  I love that they match my zebra theme and I backed them with yellow cardstock to match the yellow in my room.  Love them!!!
You can purchase them here.
I did not use all of the cards provided.  It will depend on how many cuties I have in my class.  I like to have one job per kid.  I usually put the kid's names next to the job, but I am on the fence this year.  This seems like it might be easier.

These are erasers I made just by cutting a large one in quarters with a circular saw ... OK my dad cut them because he is AWESOME!  They work great and last so well.  After they were cut I added tag, stickers, and sealed it.

 Here if my new calendar numbers in zebra.  The complete header, numbers, and days of the week in zebra are offered in different colors:
I love the way they tie together ... I just need to print my headers, laminate, & change the old ones out.

 These are my table numbers that float from the ceiling.

I had a kinder from last year drop by after I put them up ... he said, "I love those."  SUCCESS!
I am sure they will be added to the store soon.
Email me or comment if you want me to make them in your decor!

Last item ... I made this fun pennant/banner and it turned out cute ... this is the tiny version.  I took brads and spray painted them yellow to connect the banner.  The picture did not take well.  So sorry!
You can see it better ... here

I hope you had fun viewing some of my new items.  I thought my classroom would look like a zebra threw up all over the room, but it is turning out nicely.
I can't wait to do my final reveal & show the whole class to you.

Happy Decorating & Shopping!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday Made It #4

Here is my fourth week of “Monday Made It!”
Thanks, Tara!

OK  ... if you're just joining me for the 1st time ... beware of the ADHD teacher.

Here it goes:  I have been working on WAY too many projects over the last week.  You will have to see my other blog that I work on with my good friend, Alison:  Planet Happy Smiles to see the other projects I worked on with her! Getting my craft on!

Project #1:
Ikea frames paint project ... I only had to paint 2 white frames ... yellow & purple.  I can not wait to use these with my task cards, welcome signs, positive praise cards,  pictures, etc.  Yahoo! 

Project #2:
Splatter Screen Picture Holder
This is one of those splatter screens from the $1 Store.  I just sprayed it yellow, added the wooden word "family" (after I sprayed it black), and added  my zebra ribbon.  Finally, magnets & pics!  Easy, Breezy!

Project #3:
I saw this on Pinterest & could not find it again or a place to buy it so ... I just made my own.  It turned out cute & hopefully will serve it's purpose.

Project #4:
These are my clips to hang the kiddo's work.  I love the glitter clips & they came out cute. The last picture is all 25 ready to put up today!

Project #5:
My no name board, another project floating around Pinterest.  I loved the glitter clips for the work so much I made some more.  My board is made of peel & stick foam letters, glitter clips, and zebra ribbon.
Turned out cute!

Project #6:
Here are some desk supplies that I made.
See the polka dot tri-fold ... I had to cover it to match my zebra ... The final result of some of my items together. I will take a picture of the whole thing when I get that area of my room set up.

Project #7:
I am the coordinator for Box Tops @ my school.  The picture below is the board I made for registration this year.  I hope it helps other Box Top Leaders out there!

Project #8:
This is a sad project ... taking apart something that I had completely organized for my kinder class. Boo!
I had to clean out all of my drawers and start to remake the drawers for second grade.  I know, you all know how much time it took to make it the 1st time.  I will be making labels to redo the whole thing to fit math & printing them tomorrow.

I started to take it apart, but then stopped & took pictures for anyone who wants to make one.  I saved the labels & will drop them in our TPT store as soon as I can.  Each drawer had a label & inside the drawer I put stickers to show the littles where to put them back.  Inside the drawer I had several stations that the children could use for word work.

The last picture is the bare drawers almost ready for the new differentiation drawers I am making for 2nd grade math.  Yahoo!!!

Wow!  That was a lot ... yet, I have so much more to do ...  Hop on over to  Planet Happy Smiles to see the other projects I worked on with my partner!

I hope you can take one idea with you.
Happy Creating!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Monday Reveal ...

 I can not wait to show off my new projects I have been working on over the weekend ...
Made It Monday should ROCK!!!

Make sure you stop back by!
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Classroom Design Day #2

Today was the 2nd day back in my classroom ... I was under time constraints today!!!  I have been so blessed to have an amazing and supportive team.  I also have a phenomenal & upbeat partner, who I just adore!

I was also very lucky to have some help from a former student!
Thanks, Braydon!

So here is what happened today ...

I finished the the ipod board & all I need to do is add the current vocab. we are working on.  I also added the toppers to my anchor chart boards & hung my meet-the-teacher pages of info.  

My budget did not allow for the cute magnetic bar so ... I found this tension rod at the dollar store & supported it with magnets.  It is all ready to hold the current anchor chart we are discussing/reviewing. 

 Here are my nonfiction book baskets.
I need to work on this again next week!!!  

These are the headers for the objectives & misc.
I may redoing these to match my theme better ...

Happy guys are starting to make their appearance.

 This is my desk/workstation ... it will be neater!  I love the skirt to hid the junk underneath!!!
Here is my paper sorter & if you look real close you can see the little clip labels that tell where the colors go.  A sweet little friend of mine sorted all of my colors ... Thank you, Braydon!!!

Here are my seat crates I made last year.  I really wanted black, but I already had these.  I may go back and spray them, but not in the budget or time frame right now. They store the kid's supplies.  If you look real close, you can see the label for the basket.  It drove me crazy when they were not labeled!!! I lined them with poster board to give them a pop of color & hid the mess inside.

I am starting to collect the binders I need to update ... Oh my! 

I put up my calendar but got distracted (terrible to be ADHD!).  

 I started putting my numbers up but the announcement came on and we were all kicked out.  Boo!  I will have to finish that on Monday!
Along with a long list of projects!
 Must laminate!!!
Happy designing or teaching if you have already started!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Room Design Day 1

Today was the 1st day back in my classroom ... WOW the time was flying!!!  I did a lot of teamwork & we built two cute bulletin boards together.  We also worked on room design since I am new to second grade and not a pro at teaching the older children or having class changes.  I am so lucky to be on a FANTASTIC team!!!

Here are some pictures of my progress ... which by the way is very slow!

 Here is my banner that I made ...
I love that it fit in this space :o)
(If you would like me to make one for you on TPT, just contact me & give me your information!) 

 This is my messy desk area ... it will be better!

 I love my "Happy" directors chair!

My math manipulatives for my littles!
Looks like my zebra chairs are going to make the cut!  I also got this cute zebra rug from a sweet lady!!!  See some of the books I need to sort & label ... Yahoo!
I have several black baskets to fill with my many books!

Here are my boards for my anchor charts and vocabulary.  Not done ...but started.

To make the HUGE ipods I got some over-sized, sparkly gift bags and took them apart.  Then I recycled the handles to make the ear buds ... nothing wasted here!  I glued white pom-pom balls to the ends for the ear pieces. I think they came out pretty good.

 Hope you had fun seeing day 1 ...
Tomorrow is another day of classroom fun!
Happy Night!