Thursday, August 8, 2013

Classroom Design Day #2

Today was the 2nd day back in my classroom ... I was under time constraints today!!!  I have been so blessed to have an amazing and supportive team.  I also have a phenomenal & upbeat partner, who I just adore!

I was also very lucky to have some help from a former student!
Thanks, Braydon!

So here is what happened today ...

I finished the the ipod board & all I need to do is add the current vocab. we are working on.  I also added the toppers to my anchor chart boards & hung my meet-the-teacher pages of info.  

My budget did not allow for the cute magnetic bar so ... I found this tension rod at the dollar store & supported it with magnets.  It is all ready to hold the current anchor chart we are discussing/reviewing. 

 Here are my nonfiction book baskets.
I need to work on this again next week!!!  

These are the headers for the objectives & misc.
I may redoing these to match my theme better ...

Happy guys are starting to make their appearance.

 This is my desk/workstation ... it will be neater!  I love the skirt to hid the junk underneath!!!
Here is my paper sorter & if you look real close you can see the little clip labels that tell where the colors go.  A sweet little friend of mine sorted all of my colors ... Thank you, Braydon!!!

Here are my seat crates I made last year.  I really wanted black, but I already had these.  I may go back and spray them, but not in the budget or time frame right now. They store the kid's supplies.  If you look real close, you can see the label for the basket.  It drove me crazy when they were not labeled!!! I lined them with poster board to give them a pop of color & hid the mess inside.

I am starting to collect the binders I need to update ... Oh my! 

I put up my calendar but got distracted (terrible to be ADHD!).  

 I started putting my numbers up but the announcement came on and we were all kicked out.  Boo!  I will have to finish that on Monday!
Along with a long list of projects!
 Must laminate!!!
Happy designing or teaching if you have already started!


  1. Really digging your Emergency Binder clipart. I may have to make one for myself. Thanks


    1. I have it saved but can't sell it because I do not have a license. Email me...
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks like it is all coming together!

  3. Thanks, Jamie!
    Hope you stop back by on Monday!