Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Zebra Fun ...

So I am addicted to all things zebra.

Here is my latest makeover ...

 I wish I had taken a picture of it before I started spraying ... but I forgot.  They were really awful!  They look white but they were turning an ugly yellow.

I used zebra tape just to accent the fronts.  I really did not want to go over the top with zebra but I might still add some more.  I will see when I get it in the room with all of my other zebra fun!

Here is my smart tip ...

Ya know how if you have a hole in your furniture some kiddo is going to stick something in it ...  I have metal shelves that have lost the hole filler on the top and at the end of last year all kinds of crayons & broken pencils fell out the bottom when I picked them up.
My solution ... I took that option away by hot gluing in some black pom poms in the holes ... he he he he he.
I hope it works.
(OK, I thought it was smart)
I am sure they will try to press them in :o)

What do you think?

Stay tuned in for my next upcycle.
Happy upcycling!

Pete the Cat

If I were starting the year in kindergarten , I would definitely start with Pete the Cat!!!

I just love Pete & what fun it would be to learn about the school ... walking along singing our song in our school shoes or finding his groovy buttons all over the school! Then to come back to the class for a cool surprise.  WOW!  What a way to make learning fun!

I just love all of the instructional, adorable, & fun activities that crafty teachers have made to go along with the book Pete the Cat!  Before I found out I was going to 2nd grade I had already purchase all of the books, got the doll & began downloading everything I could find on Pete.  I even made some of my own stuff.  So sad I can't use it.

If you do not have all of the books, click on the pictures to jump over to Amazon & see what kind of deals they have.  Even my younger child loves Pete!

 I hope you love Pete the Cat as much as I do!
Happy Shopping!

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Little Monster's Birthday Cake

Here is my attempt at making a monster cake for my son's 4th birthday.  It was inspired by several Pinterest posts.

He loved it! 
I used those google eye finger pointers for the eyes & marshmallows for the teeth.
Have fun making your own.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday Made It!

 Here is my second week of “Monday Made It!”
Thanks, Tara!

So for my second week I decided to stick with the zebra print.  I am so excited about the new projects I worked on and how they came out!

Project #1:
1st up are two cute little electrical stools spray painted black with zebra fabric, from my trip to Hobby Lobby, stapled on top!  I used foam from a twin egg crate mattress to cushion the tush.  

Project #2:
My new teacher's chair for my small group table.
I started with this blue chair I picked up on the BBBS for $10.  I just saw it for sale @ Walmart for $53.88.  I did better than I thought!  I was so lucky that the bottom could be stapled to instead of having to take anything apart!

I covered the chair with my fabulous zebra fabric & then covered the fabric with plastic to protect it.  Sprayed the blue back with plastic bonding spray paint and I think it turned out good terrific!

My room is going to look ZEBRARIFIC!!!
What do you think, I would love to hear from you!
Happy Crafting!

More Zebra Decor~

I was out shopping & look what I found ...
More Zebra!

1st Stop ... Hobby Lobby
Which zebra print to choose for my new project that I will feature as my "Made It Monday"?

 Containers & a bench ... so cute!

Desk supplies!

 Zebra locker wallpaper
(seems to be a lot like contact paper)

 Plates for a b.board header ... plus containers!

scrapbooking supplies for storage of materials

Zebra storage boxes

2nd Stop ... Dollar City
(disclaimer:  items not really a dollar ... they are all more than a dollar but still priced well!)
 Drying mat ... don't have a sink but for something neat!

 Cool curtains with a small swag for the top.

 A bench & a cube to sit on.

Oh how I love zebra!!!

Hope you are finding cool stuff, too!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pinterest Scavenger Hunt contest!

Head over to this site & enter to win!

Bucket Fillers

I love the books about Bucket Filling!  They are a great tool to use to help teach children how to treat others. I also use them at home with my own children.

 If you haven't gotten these books, go check them out by clicking on the pictures below.  My kids loved them & would remind each other to be a "Bucket Filler" instead of a dipper!

If you are not ready to do individual buckets, you don't have to.  I did a class bucket & I would fill up our class bucket with a happy ball. When they got to the top, they got a prize/class reward.  I am hoping to add some activities and pictures soon when I get back in my room.

Here are the books available on Amazon.

Happy Bucket Filling!

It's time!!! When do you go back?

It’s time for a Linky Party!

It’s time for a Linky Party! Link up @ Jessica's Blog & share when you officially start back to school.  How many days do you have left before you will have your darlings in the classroom?  What do you spend those days doing?  How are your feeling about going back?

8 days and counting ... On, my! 

I officially start back on the 19th with staff development.  I really start back on the 5th with team development & the on the 7th we are allowed to start designing our rooms.  (You can see pictures of my blank slate on an earlier blog)  Our rooms are small!
So on the 5th, it will be game on!

Since I changed grade levels, who know how long it will take to set up a room ... I am very nervous about teaching 2nd  I have always been in kinder & loved it.

During the days before the staff development starts, I am going to spend a lot of time making my room beautiful, functional, & a place I want to be as well as a place the kids want to be.  I can't wait to design a new room!  

I wish I had a freebie for you, but I am just starting out ... check out my zebra page for ideas to decorate with zebra & there is so much more to come ... Also take a look at my "Box Top Muncher" ... great for a monster classroom!

I am working on freebies & more blogs about classroom design.  Follow my blog to get updates as I add more to my blog!

Jump over to Planet Happy Smiles to get some more ideas.  This is another blog I have started with a very good friend of mine & we will be posting a freebie on Monday, Made it Monday, and more. Follow our blog to get updates as we add more to our blog, too!  

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are my newest follower!  Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Classroom Pictures

Went to school today for the first time all summer.  We had a staff meeting  & we found out our first day to start setting up our rooms is Aug. 7th.  YIKES!  My summer is almost over.

Here are some pictures of my empty room.  Time to get the design muscles working.  I was good at setting up a kindergarten class … not even sure where to start on a 2nd grade room. Any ideas would be appreciated?

my small group table 

my boards to decorate & set up anchor charts &
my 6 kid tables

my cabinets

computer station

my misc. furniture
(mix-match chairs ... activating my OCD)

HELP!!!!  Too many ideas & not sure which direction to head except to the store to buy some more zebra stuff.  LOL

Box Top Muncher

Look at the Box Top Bin I made ... I am so pleased with how it turned out!  I need to make one with my zebra print ... hum.  If you have ideas, please share them with me!
Happy Box Top Collecting!

Box Top Muncher for Box Top Contest!  Great for a Monster theme classroom!!!

For more containers, go to my blog I am creating with my BEST friend, Alison Wynn!  Planet Happy Smiles
We are just getting started with our joined blog.  Jump on board with us & become our newest followers.  We would love to have you!

Happy Blog Hopping!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It~My First!

I am so excited to Link in with Tara!
This is my first “Made It Monday”
It may be kinda lame this week … I promise to get better.  I am still new to blogging and I am trying to find my way through.
I have 3 projects to share with you today.

Project #1
I took a plain microphone from Party City that I had used for a couple of years.
The glitter was flaking & my son had cracked the tube.
I was not throwing it away ;O)
I wrapped the tub with zebra duct tape, re-glittered the top & sealed it with Mod Podge, and added some yellow boa to the neck.  I may add happy face stickers to the tube when I return to school.
(Our theme this year is ROCK)

Project #2

Here is my hand sanitizer for my desk.  I used my trusty zebra duct tape & soon a ribbon.  I may add my happy face stickers to this one, too.
I am taking off the boa when I buy the ribbon I like.

(Hobby Lobby was closed on Sun. Boo for me!)

Project #3

Here is my tape dispenser for my desk.  I used zebra tissue paper & Mod Podge.  Yes, I know they sell some already made, but I had the materials laying around.  I am cheap thrifty like that. The zebra tissue is from Hobby Lobby & is thicker than regular tissue paper.  I love the way it turned out.  I may do this to all my dispensers.    

I hope you love my projects!
I would love for you to follow my blog or
follow me on Facebook!
Happy Monday!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Behavior System

Here is what the screen looks like with the children's avatars on it.  They get to choose their own avatar ... so neat!

(not my class, just an example)

OK, here I go … I may be trying to take on too many projects at one time, but I’m a little lot A.D.H.D.

I went to a workshop this summer that I just loved!  It was about differentiation.  I walked out with several ideas.  Now that I am viewing the world with eyes of a 2nd grade teacher,  I am growing in a different direction.

I was told about Class Dojo during on of our share times … I think I might have heard about it before … but did not venture to their site. Some of you have fantastic experiences with this & I need you!!! I wish I had tried it last year.

Here is my little secret that most don’t know … I just stepped into the world of smart phones.  I know, I am WAY behind the times.  I am going to use my new phone to access Class Dojo throughout the day.
(Happy Smile Crosses Face!)

I can not wait to try it this next year.  I love the little Avatar monsters & the kids will, too.  I really would like to change my whole class over to monster … hum.  OK ~ that’s another blog.

They are so colorful & cute!!!
I am working on a variety of ideas to tie it into the 7 Habits & would love any comments or suggestions you may have. I will also update this blog once I get it going during the school year.

I am so excited to take this step with you!
Happy Teaching,

Advice for New Teachers

Time for some "Linky Fun!" Click on the picture above & it will take you back to the original site. 
Thanks Latoya! 

I buy extra supplies when they are on sale at the beginning of the year.  I am finding now more than ever there are so many children who can't afford supplies or it is not a priority for their parents to purchase them.  I usually will buy enough supplies for up to 10 kids.  Most often:  crayons, glue, pencils, markers, and pencil boxes.  I have a tons of scissors in an extra bucket, just in case.  That way no child will feel bad or have anxiety about not having their supplies.

When you are talking to the children always get on their eye level.  I once had a parent say that that was the most important thing I did at meet the teacher & yes, it was my 1st year.  It really shows the children that you are interested in them.

Try not to talk about others and their actions.  It is so hard for most (yes, I am guilty) but you never know who is listening or if the person you are talking to will tell others.  If you need to vent, wait until you can speak to someone outside of school.  If you do have a problem with someone, go to them & talk it out.  They may respect you more for coming to them instead of tattling. I can't stand those that tattle to try to make themselves look better.

I find unwind for me is the quiet moment when my room is empty & before I go home to my own littles.  Yes, I want to see my babies so much &  I may still be working ... but I turn on the tunes and relax for a bit.  It is also nice to go to "Happy Hour" with some friends, take a long warm bath, etc.  Make sure you try to unwind daily.

Make it Fun!  If you are having fun & the kids are having fun time flies. They will remember the fun times the BEST!  I always think of Mary Poppins (dorky, I know) "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  You find the fun, and - SNAP- the jobs a game." 

Be Prepared.  WOW~ that is HUGE!  I can not stress how important it is to have your ducks in a row.  I usually have everything sorted and organized by the day of the week for the following week by Friday.  I also have a Sub Tub that holds everything in case of an emergency.  I keep tons of pencils sharpened & stashed. I am "The Labeler" & everything is easy to find.  You can relax a little better if you have to be out when your are prepared.

I hope this helps just one teacher & wish you the very BEST in the upcoming year.  Please feel free to join my blog, I would love to have you visit!
Karen Crawford