Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's time!!! When do you go back?

It’s time for a Linky Party!

It’s time for a Linky Party! Link up @ Jessica's Blog & share when you officially start back to school.  How many days do you have left before you will have your darlings in the classroom?  What do you spend those days doing?  How are your feeling about going back?

8 days and counting ... On, my! 

I officially start back on the 19th with staff development.  I really start back on the 5th with team development & the on the 7th we are allowed to start designing our rooms.  (You can see pictures of my blank slate on an earlier blog)  Our rooms are small!
So on the 5th, it will be game on!

Since I changed grade levels, who know how long it will take to set up a room ... I am very nervous about teaching 2nd  I have always been in kinder & loved it.

During the days before the staff development starts, I am going to spend a lot of time making my room beautiful, functional, & a place I want to be as well as a place the kids want to be.  I can't wait to design a new room!  

I wish I had a freebie for you, but I am just starting out ... check out my zebra page for ideas to decorate with zebra & there is so much more to come ... Also take a look at my "Box Top Muncher" ... great for a monster classroom!

I am working on freebies & more blogs about classroom design.  Follow my blog to get updates as I add more to my blog!

Jump over to Planet Happy Smiles to get some more ideas.  This is another blog I have started with a very good friend of mine & we will be posting a freebie on Monday, Made it Monday, and more. Follow our blog to get updates as we add more to our blog, too!  

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are my newest follower!  Happy Saturday!


  1. Enjoy your last days of summer! Best wishes as you make the jump to second grade--I switched from K to first this past school year, and ended up LOVING every minute of it.

    1. I am so glad you stopped by, I am using my last few days to love on my babies & be creative. My friend just jumped to 1st from K, too. We are both excited & nervous~
      Thanks so much for the positive comment on switching. Hope you stop back by!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I think you'll appreciate the independence of second graders compared to kinders! We haven't officially been let into our rooms yet but I snuck in their the other day to move furniture around. I moved classes so everything is in boxes and I am anxious to get started too. I have a coworker that is obsessed with all things zebra!

    Literacy Spark

    1. I love "Linky Parties" and learning new ideas. You will have to take pictures and send me zebra ideas this year :o) I would get into trouble if I moved furniture, but so tempted the other day during our staff development break.
      Best wishes to a smooth start up and a great new year! Hope you stop back by!