Saturday, July 6, 2013

Alphabet & Sensory Bottles

When I first began making sensory bottles 16 years ago, I used regular soda bottles.  I used any type I could get my hands on & they were great but did not stand the test of time.  The kids loved them and used them often. They were "loved to death."  I found myself searching for bottles that would hold up to constant use and not break the bank. I searched every dollar store & several chain stores but none had the perfect option for me.

Well ...  I finally found them!

Here are the BEST bottles that I have found that will not cost you a penny, if you can get them donated or you eat out often. The size is perfect!!!
I do use other bottles that are larger for bigger projects/items but for little hands, these are terrific!
The BEST bottles I have found for size & durability are from Sonic,
Whataburger, and Wendy's.  The opening at the top is a great size, too! 

The lids come in different colors depending on the flavor and location.  I am a little OK a lot OCD and wanted all of the lids to match so ... we ate at one place often for a while. Not healthy but I hate to cook & like their food.

When you strip the label off their are no words on them!!!

Yahoo ... neat & less work than peeling sticky labels!

Here is the clean & naked bottle.  Very clear & I just ran mine through the dishwasher.

Here are the 26 alphabet bottles getting filled.  I left them up here for a little while  so I could find several objects to match each letter.  I will post my list of objects at a later time.

Here is a closer look at the bottles.  Easy to add your own labels to them.

Soon to come ... I will blog about the sensory bottles I have made.

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