Thursday, July 25, 2013

Classroom Pictures

Went to school today for the first time all summer.  We had a staff meeting  & we found out our first day to start setting up our rooms is Aug. 7th.  YIKES!  My summer is almost over.

Here are some pictures of my empty room.  Time to get the design muscles working.  I was good at setting up a kindergarten class … not even sure where to start on a 2nd grade room. Any ideas would be appreciated?

my small group table 

my boards to decorate & set up anchor charts &
my 6 kid tables

my cabinets

computer station

my misc. furniture
(mix-match chairs ... activating my OCD)

HELP!!!!  Too many ideas & not sure which direction to head except to the store to buy some more zebra stuff.  LOL

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