Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fairy Tales

For the next week I am teaching "Storybook Royalty" @ Sunny Days, St. Peter's U.M.C.  I am very excited to be teaching the 5's age group. I just love this age!!!  I am going to miss them when I start teaching 2nd. 

Today I began setting up my room by creating a welcome door.
It did not turn out exactly the way I had envisioned it, but it is OK.
Thanks mom for giving me a hand today!!!

Here are some pictures that go through the steps I took:
I think the door cost around $3.00 to make.  It would be really great to have the kid's decorate their own name shield, but we have to have them up before they come to class.

First, I cut up some of my recycling to make the shields.
See the "Hot Pockets" picture. LOL

Then, I added the kid's names to each shield.
(Sorry for the terrible handwriting!)

Next, I thought I would make them cuter by adding glitter ... I LOVE glitter!

After that, I bought light blue & a diamond patterned wrapping paper for the door design.  I made a tower with the diamond pattern.  Best I could find at the dollar store ...

Next, I added Rapunzel with curly ribbon hair & the kid's shields.
Thanks mom for cutting her out!!!

Finally, we die cut the letters and added them to the top & on the big shield.

Here is an up-close look @ Rapunzel.
The hair was not what we thought we would do ... but it was getting late. :o)
I just love the movie Tangled!!!

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