Sunday, July 14, 2013

Classroom Decor

I am so jealous that so many can get into their classrooms during the summer.  I would love to go up there and mess around in my room for small amounts of time.  Many of my items I would like to take pictures of are locked in my cabinets at school. In Aug. I will be sharing a ton of pictures and new information about my journey into 2nd grade.

As for now, I can only plan and shop.  I have decided  to go with zebra, black, & yellow for most of my room.  I love the chevron,but I had already dabbled in zebra before I saw the chevron & can't change it all at this point. The tables I am going to stay with my rainbow colors from kindergarten because I am not ready to invest  more money in table tubs.  I am really watching my budget.  I love all things zebra!  So, look what I found for my room. 

Here are the book baskets I found in black.  I am so thrilled I got 24 of them!
They are sturdy, too.

Here is the zebra print Kleenex box.  I bought a few for my desk.  I am thinking about adding my smiley faces to decorate it a little more.  Hum ….

What have you seen that I MUST have or need to add to my decor?

I can't wait to take pictures in August & share them with you!

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