Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank you @A+Images,INC.

I have some HUGE thank yous to do today!

First is to an AWESOME blogger... Erin from:
for her blog about A+ Images, Inc. 
A FANTASTIC company who is super speedy and spot on! They also do teacher shirts!!! These are perfect for the beginning of the year or for special events.  
They are also so easy to design on their website! It only took a few minutes and I was done. They were speedy with shipping, too!

They had this limited-time promo and I jumped!!! 

which lead me to get this ... 
Oh...the excitement of getting a package!!!
for FREE!!!


This promo has ended, but they may offer others throughout the year.  Just remember to give them a shout out for their hard work!
Thanks so much A+ Images, Inc!