Monday, June 30, 2014

Holy Hannah Batman ... July? Really???

OK ... I was just playing around on Facebook and saw this pop up:

July Currently is up and running!!! a little early... you will see why!!!

Imagine my surprise ... My summer is fading fast!

I am linking up with Farley:

So here it goes ... my CURRENTLY!
Listening: I love to plug my headphones in when I am on the computer and play YouTube.  There is so much variety and I love that I can find some of my favorite albums!

Loving:  I am on summer mode BIG time and staying up late is killing me during the day.  My husband was super sweet to give me a break and let me take a loooooong nap today.  Thanks, Honey!!!

Thinking:  I have a ton to do! So I made this ...
Click on it after you finish reading my blog to grab your freebie! 
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Wanting: I really need more summer time.  There is no way I can get everything on my list done.
I better get busy! 

Needing:  Well, since my car caught on fire in October of 2013 I have been sharing with my husband and son.  It has been nice not to have a car payment, but I think the time has come to go out and get one.  Boo!

4th Plans: I just plan to hang out with my family!  There is nothing better than that!

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Happy Summer & Happy 4th of July!!!

Do you ever?

Do you ever look at something and think … WOW, I think I could do something with that!

I do that all the time.  Maybe that is why I have so much stuff!

I was looking at posts on Facebook and I saw this for sale:

How cool would this be in my classroom.  Instant reading hut/secret hid out and storage on top for me!!!  I know the kids could not go up on top and read ... too dangerous.  But storage (neatly done)  WOW, what a win-win!

I know it would never be allowed in my room but a girl and imagine! LOL!

Do you look at things you would not see in the classroom and imagine, too?  Please comment below with your ideas, I would love to hear them!
Have a Happy Sunday!

Monday Made It

I am linking up with Tara again for another "Monday Made It!"  I love sharing on this linky party!!!

I am a big HUGE supporter of reduce, recycle, and reusing. This summer I have been hoarding collecting a variety of containers that I can make into games, storage, etc.  I love the Lysol Wipe containers and they come in 2 sizes that I love to work with.  I clean/dry them out and print, laminate, and hot glue/tape a label on. I love the way it looks all dressed-up!  (I also have one full of plastic bags, but it is naked and can not be seen on my PG blog!)
Here are two I made recently ... more in the works!

One of my BIGGEST projects this summer is redesigning my book baskets.  I am so excited about this project!!!
I have made a ton of labels for my different book areas around the room.  This file is growing ... if you need labels get it while it is still cheap!  Book shopping is going to be easy peasy for my students!
Here is the cover of the product:
I love how they have turned out and how they look on my baskets!  I am in the process of making them with a plain border.  Those will be coming to the store soon!

Here is a chart to show what each library has in it. Love how they really look organized in their spaces.  

First, I hunted down these cheap but nice black baskets.  I got the large one for $1 and the small set of 2 for $1 ... but the story takes a turn for the worse ...Just when I thought I had all the baskets I needed because I had placed and order for 15 more sets of two, I got the call!  "Mam, your baskets have been discontinued and we can no longer get them."  WHAT???  YIKES!  What do I do now???
Keep reading ... 

I didn't let it get me too down but I laminated all of my labels and started to feel determined.
AWE, laminating ...

I had a ton of the large black and got them ready. I hot glued all of the labels on the baskets because I wanted to still stack them when I got done.

Here are my new baskets with my labels on them.
I love them!!!

Here are the small ones ... weep, weep! I need a ton more, more than 15 more sets!!!
I love the way chapter books fit in them!!!

Update:  I have found a place with my basket but they are coming in with school supplies.  The very nice lady promised to save them for me.  They are now $1.30 for 2 but well worth it! I hope it all works out.
Until then I always stop when I see that sign ...

My next one is organizing/game/freebie!

These cute little containers came 2 per pack for $1.  Yes, you know me now ... the secret is out ... I am a Dollar Store Shopper!
I love the way these containers hold my place value cards and playing cards perfectly!  I got 2 per table!

Here is the game.  I added 1000 place, but we did not teach it last year.  Glad I did because we will teach it this year!

Here is where you can get your freebie.  I would love it if you would follow our store & leave feedback!  We hope you like this low ink file!

I hope you enjoyed these items.
I am hoping next week I can get my desk painted ...  Got to go get on that one!
Have a very HAPPY week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Opening a Teachers Pay Teachers Store ~

We would love to help you!
Just click on the link below to get started: 

Once you have signed up as a basic or premium seller, send us an email to
  We will get a notice from TPT, too. We will answer your questions, share your ideas, pin your products, etc. We love to help!
We look forward to being "TPT Pals" with you!
Thanks so much!
Karen & Alison

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Made It!!!

I am finally getting my act together and linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for ...

Here we go ...
My 1st project is an almost made it ... keep reading and you will see why.

If you have been here before you know I have made a 39 drawer toolbox for my classroom already.  I wanted one for my "home office." So here is how it went ...

I went to Lowe's for my 22 drawer toolbox and a can of black spray paint. No problem!

The I took all of the drawers out and sprayed the whole thing black.  No Problem!

I printed and laminated my labels and cut them out. No Problem!

Then ... I went to hot glue the labels on the drawers ...
Some of my drawers had disappeared in the midst of my project.  Where could they have gone? Did they sprout legs?  I was searching everywhere.

I found one ... Now, I am missing two.

So this project is not completely "Made It" until the other two show up.  I just couldn't wait to post!
I love my new toolbox and already stuffed the drawers that I have.

Here is the kid that found the drawers and used them.
He is such a cutie! I just love him!!!

Next up ...

You are going to think I am nuts on this one ...

I made a project board ... before I start I have to say this "dry erase" board does not erase well anymore.  It is so old!

I took post it's and covered the whole thing ...

 I then wrote a ton of projects that I want to get done ... some are fast and some are long.  I color coded for the different places or people in my family.
(I like to see where I am headed &
it feels good to move them to the "Done" section)
Now, I just pick one & once it is done I more it to the right side.
This board helps me get that "To Do" list up in my command center and I seem to focus a lot little better.  I am also hoping my husband will be super sweet and do some, too!

Last one ...

I finally printed, laminated & cut out my new C.A.F.E.!
I LOVE it!!!  I love all of the picture clues for the children who are not reading yet, or not the BEST reader, yet!
I love that there is no guessing game about where the cards go ...
they are all color coded.

Now, I just need to go buy the ribbon and put it all together.  I can't wait to Velcro them on as we work on the different skills. 

This picture below shows how the colors match each one.

 Want your own C.A.F.E. like mine or maybe in another pattern?
Click here:

Hope you found something you like on my Monday Made It!
Have a Happy Day!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Center Signs ~ Stations Signs PLUS ... Rotation Cards

We have been working really hard on creating a variety of fun and exciting products for you!

One of the newest items is a set of center signs or station signs in a variety of styles. The files is 176 pages total & it has both sets of signs included!
If you love them but do not see your theme, please contact us at
We would love to work with you!

Here is what each set has to offer:
We hope you love them!!!
We are already getting request for different themes!

Here are the sets we have so far, just click on the one you want to view:

If there is anything we can make for you, please email us!
Happy Teaching,
Karen & Alison

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two for Tuesday

I am linking up with The Teacher Tribune for some fun!!!  Today's link is "Two for Tuesday!" This is the day we set the price for two items to 50%off!!!
Here are the two we chose for this week ...

The first item is the Rewards and Incentives Complete Store.  100+ pages of fun for any classroom.  Many of the rewards in this pack are at little or no cost to the teacher!  We love that!  This summer we plan to improve & add to the pack.  If you get it now the improvements are a bonus for you!  It has been very popular!  Several have purchased this one and it is a steal at $2.50!  We hope you love it!!!  This item can fit many grade levels and subjects.

Just click on the picture to grab this one!

 The second item is brand new to our store.  It is a super pack of book/library basket labels.  It contains 6 different types of libraries.  It is also a steal for the low price of $2.50.  It is a very complete pack & we are always willing to add more labels to the pack.  This pack can fit several grade level, too!

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Happy Summer!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Me

I am linking up with The Teacher Tribune for some fun!!!  Today's link is "Monday Meet Me!"

Here is mine:

I teach:  If you have been to my blog before, you know that I know teach 2nd grade after many years in kindergarten.  Last year was my 1st year in 2nd grade teaching Math/Science.  I loved the science part!!! Next year, I will be teaching self-contained, GT!  Yahoo!!!
I am still a kinder teacher at heart &
I really miss the little guys.  :o) 

 I have: 3 GREAT kiddos!!! 
Andrew (almost 20), Kalyn (7), & Corey (5)

All of my kids will be in regular school next year.  It is going to be a wild ride!
My husband is really understanding with the amount of "teacher stuff" I have collected over my career.  This summer I intend to let some go! I am just not sure where to start ... YIKES!
Please comment below with ideas.

I watch:  I love Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, and HGTV.  I spend WAY too much time at night watching TV.  I really need to go to sleep earlier!  My brain just wont give up!

I listen:  I listen to any song I can sing along to!  I do not sing well .. so I am the loudest when I am alone! I love singing with the little kids because they don't tell you when your singing is terrible!!!

I read:  I read lots of different things, but I would rather be creating something instead. I have a hard time staying focused for very long.

I do: I LOVE to create things!  I mostly make things for my classroom. (Check out my "Monday Made It" posts.

Now it is your turn... go link up or comment below so I can learn more about you!  I love to get to know other teachers around the world!
Happy Teaching & Happy Summer!