Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two for Tuesday

I am linking up with The Teacher Tribune for some fun!!!  Today's link is "Two for Tuesday!" This is the day we set the price for two items to 50%off!!!
Here are the two we chose for this week ...

The first item is the Rewards and Incentives Complete Store.  100+ pages of fun for any classroom.  Many of the rewards in this pack are at little or no cost to the teacher!  We love that!  This summer we plan to improve & add to the pack.  If you get it now the improvements are a bonus for you!  It has been very popular!  Several have purchased this one and it is a steal at $2.50!  We hope you love it!!!  This item can fit many grade levels and subjects.

Just click on the picture to grab this one!

 The second item is brand new to our store.  It is a super pack of book/library basket labels.  It contains 6 different types of libraries.  It is also a steal for the low price of $2.50.  It is a very complete pack & we are always willing to add more labels to the pack.  This pack can fit several grade level, too!

Just click on the picture to grab this one!

Thanks for shopping with Planet Happy Smiles!
We appreciate your support!
We would love for you to follow us for more fun and FREEBIES!!!
Happy Summer!

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