Sunday, June 8, 2014

Diggin' Into Next Year Linky Party

I am joining this amazing linky party through Laura over at Where the Magic Happens!  Check out her site after you read mine.  There are so many topics it will cover throughout the summer and several different blogs to check out! I am super exited!!!

Here is a look at the summer calendar:

I am digging into making my classroom flow a little more smoothly.  Next year I am self contained, so I am teaching everything ... which means more stuff!  I am going to need materials for all subjects, not just Math and Science.  The organization of it all is a challenge.  When I taught kinder self contained it seemed easier!

One of the things that I love and I feel helps the children find things with ease are my labels.  I am really working hard to make sure everything is labeled for easy access!
I label almost everything!

Here are my pencil cups and labels ... They work great!

I will be keeping my helper cards, but it will be much easier to manage with one class!!!  I am very excited about making sure each child is a leader!  I am going to have children "apply" to be a leader for the job they like. Some kids do not like doing every job ... I will be rewarding those kiddos that do a great job with prizes from my "Loot Store" and my brag tags! 

Since I will be self contained my room design will be changing drastically!  I will need a large enough area for all of my books again.  That is going to be a challenge!  I am also changing rooms ... I love this!  I get to go enclosed with one other teacher next to me.  Yahoo!!!  This means more walls for anchor charts and student work!

My math tubs are going enclosed again to make room on my shelf for my books ... I love my new math labels!

I will no longer need boxes for my switch class so ... all of my storage for the kid's supplies is getting a make over!!!  I can not wait to get back to class and take that picture to post!  I love the kids storage of materials for each table.  It works like a charm!

My classroom libraries are taking a major face-lift!!!
I am very excited about my new labels and black baskets!  I Have 6 different libraries ... Heart's Desire, Favorite Authors, Non Fiction (Informational Texts), Chapter Books, Just Right Readers, and my picks.
Here is a sample of my labels:
I can't wait to see the different libraries all put together for next year! 

I will also be adding CAFE to my room!
(click on the picture to get yours)

We are also changing into a new school theme and I will be adding superheros here and there :o)

My zebra and yellow theme will stay the same and I will be keeping the happy faces. My room makes kids happy and that is what it is about! I have kids that have made it all the way through college now and they still tell me how much they loved my class and the "happy faces!" One of my recent graduates had a smiley face graduation cake ... I loved it!

I will be using the "Homework Club" again next year and my calendar set in the zebra pattern.  LOVE IT!!!

Here are some of our products:  Just click on the pictures and it will take you to the store.
Happy Shopping!

Thanks for making it to the bottom of this long post!
I hope you got some ideas.
Have a happy Summer!


  1. Those zebra stools are awesome! And I love the homework club magnets :-)

    1. Thanks so much, Clarissa! The stools I made when I taught kinder & I am still using in 2nd and they love them. The homework club is a BIG hit & if you like it, we have several in our TPT store. Thanks so much for stopping by & I am glad you found something you like! Have a great summer!