Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Me

I am linking up with The Teacher Tribune for some fun!!!  Today's link is "Monday Meet Me!"

Here is mine:

I teach:  If you have been to my blog before, you know that I know teach 2nd grade after many years in kindergarten.  Last year was my 1st year in 2nd grade teaching Math/Science.  I loved the science part!!! Next year, I will be teaching self-contained, GT!  Yahoo!!!
I am still a kinder teacher at heart &
I really miss the little guys.  :o) 

 I have: 3 GREAT kiddos!!! 
Andrew (almost 20), Kalyn (7), & Corey (5)

All of my kids will be in regular school next year.  It is going to be a wild ride!
My husband is really understanding with the amount of "teacher stuff" I have collected over my career.  This summer I intend to let some go! I am just not sure where to start ... YIKES!
Please comment below with ideas.

I watch:  I love Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, and HGTV.  I spend WAY too much time at night watching TV.  I really need to go to sleep earlier!  My brain just wont give up!

I listen:  I listen to any song I can sing along to!  I do not sing well .. so I am the loudest when I am alone! I love singing with the little kids because they don't tell you when your singing is terrible!!!

I read:  I read lots of different things, but I would rather be creating something instead. I have a hard time staying focused for very long.

I do: I LOVE to create things!  I mostly make things for my classroom. (Check out my "Monday Made It" posts.

Now it is your turn... go link up or comment below so I can learn more about you!  I love to get to know other teachers around the world!
Happy Teaching & Happy Summer!

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