Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Made It

I am linking up with Tara again for another "Monday Made It!"  I love sharing on this linky party!!!

I am a big HUGE supporter of reduce, recycle, and reusing. This summer I have been hoarding collecting a variety of containers that I can make into games, storage, etc.  I love the Lysol Wipe containers and they come in 2 sizes that I love to work with.  I clean/dry them out and print, laminate, and hot glue/tape a label on. I love the way it looks all dressed-up!  (I also have one full of plastic bags, but it is naked and can not be seen on my PG blog!)
Here are two I made recently ... more in the works!

One of my BIGGEST projects this summer is redesigning my book baskets.  I am so excited about this project!!!
I have made a ton of labels for my different book areas around the room.  This file is growing ... if you need labels get it while it is still cheap!  Book shopping is going to be easy peasy for my students!
Here is the cover of the product:
I love how they have turned out and how they look on my baskets!  I am in the process of making them with a plain border.  Those will be coming to the store soon!

Here is a chart to show what each library has in it. Love how they really look organized in their spaces.  

First, I hunted down these cheap but nice black baskets.  I got the large one for $1 and the small set of 2 for $1 ... but the story takes a turn for the worse ...Just when I thought I had all the baskets I needed because I had placed and order for 15 more sets of two, I got the call!  "Mam, your baskets have been discontinued and we can no longer get them."  WHAT???  YIKES!  What do I do now???
Keep reading ... 

I didn't let it get me too down but I laminated all of my labels and started to feel determined.
AWE, laminating ...

I had a ton of the large black and got them ready. I hot glued all of the labels on the baskets because I wanted to still stack them when I got done.

Here are my new baskets with my labels on them.
I love them!!!

Here are the small ones ... weep, weep! I need a ton more, more than 15 more sets!!!
I love the way chapter books fit in them!!!

Update:  I have found a place with my basket but they are coming in with school supplies.  The very nice lady promised to save them for me.  They are now $1.30 for 2 but well worth it! I hope it all works out.
Until then I always stop when I see that sign ...

My next one is organizing/game/freebie!

These cute little containers came 2 per pack for $1.  Yes, you know me now ... the secret is out ... I am a Dollar Store Shopper!
I love the way these containers hold my place value cards and playing cards perfectly!  I got 2 per table!

Here is the game.  I added 1000 place, but we did not teach it last year.  Glad I did because we will teach it this year!

Here is where you can get your freebie.  I would love it if you would follow our store & leave feedback!  We hope you like this low ink file!

I hope you enjoyed these items.
I am hoping next week I can get my desk painted ...  Got to go get on that one!
Have a very HAPPY week!


  1. All your labels look so awesome! I love zebra :D

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

    1. Anisa,
      Thanks so much! I am about to take the color borders off and the "extra" clipart off. Then you will have the zebra and the inside part. Super exited about them. I know the kids will love them!
      Have a very Happy 4th!!!
      All Smiles in Second Grade

  2. After I read this, I went right out to the Dollar Store and bought those card containers. I love shopping at there, but must have missed them! Now I use them for everything and my kids love them, thanks!!

  3. Hi Karen. I love your place value game! I don't know if it was a freebie of yours or not. If it is could you help me find it? I would love that for my 2nd graders to play. Thanks for your help with this.