Sunday, October 20, 2013


Organization is key in very classroom to have your year run smoothly.  I have been working really hard on my organization this year since I am new to 2nd grade.  I created these binders to help tame the copies.  Our district has a HUGE amount of copies for the children to practice math skills in 2nd grade.  So ... I had to tackle that pile of copies that I kept sticking in my "To File" drawer & organize myself for the years to come.  Here is how I did it!

I created a binder for every skill in our curriculum and added clear sleeves inside for all of the copies.  You could even make one HUGE binder and use the covers as dividers.  (I will custom create any that you need if you love my design!)

Here is a picture of the Polka Dot Cover for Math.  It comes in zebra (of course), too:

Here is a picture of the matching spines:

I love them!!!  Each different subject is a different color so I can find them with ease in my cabinet.  Yes ... I guess I am kinda a dork!  I just love organization!

If you love organization as much as I do, I put these in my store in 2 different designs:
Black & White Polka Dot

Last tip:  To help keep the ink from the printers from attaching to my clear binder fronts, I always put them in clear sleeves 1st.  Now they do not transfer & I can reuse the binder later in life if I ever need to!

I hope this helps you organize your math files.  Soon to come my science set, it is looking good so far!!!
Happy Organizing,

Monday, October 14, 2013

I am so thrilled to be linking up with Tori again for
Monday Made It!

Project One:
These are recycling bins I made for the classroom this week!  I am using them at home, too!

I did not include a “Glass” sign due to safety reasons.  The kids love bringing their recycling to school. 
You can find them in our store @ Planet Happy Smiles
Happy Recycling

Project Two:
This was a project I made for another classroom & I love the way it turned out!  There are pages that include all of the alphabet letters 3 to a page for making copies (black & white).  You can also have them printed on colored tag for station activities or morning activities.  I made cover pages so you can make the set into a book format.  I also bundled our letter mats & certificates into this pack.

click on the picture to get to our store.
I hope you love this pack!  It was a ton of fun to make for a wonderful person!  I love making products for others & I miss the kinder kids!
Happy Teaching!