Sunday, April 20, 2014

Organizing Your Kid's Memories

I struggle daily with organization! Like many of my readers, I am very busy.  I have three kids, I work full time, and I also create items for our TPT store, Planet Happy Smiles.  I also love to make labels … the teacher in me, I guess …  I label most things.

I also must admit (while I am admitting things)
I LOVE Pinterest!
A while back, I saw some pictures of file boxes that looked similar to my crates that I started a long while ago. (If you go on Pinterest or Google, just search: kid memory boxes)  The pictures inspired me to go back to the drawing board on my crate idea & try it again!

I did not like my crates because they got dusty, not as “cute”, small, etc.  So I gave up on them.  Now several things sit in piles or boxes .. YUCK, I know!

So … I went to Walmart & got these file boxes with black lids.  Yes, I love the color black!  I also ordered the black hanging file folders to match on! LOVE!!!

I made some new “cute” labels for the fronts and also the tab labels to match and I must say, I LOVE them!  I laminated the labels for the outside of the boxes and taped them on with clear tape. Easy Peasy!  I also made labels to match for other items I am saving for the kids. (All matching of course)

tab labels
front labels  
I wish I had made these a long time ago!  Now, this will be my project to get everything to fit in them!  I am lucky because two of my kiddos are still little.  My biggest struggle will be with my oldest.  Wish me luck!  I hope this helps others out there that need some inspiration. 

I have also used a system similar to this in my classroom for my student's memory books throughout the year.  I just used two crates and split them by boy/girl! Now those need a face-lift!

If anyone wants me to add them to our TPT store, comment below or email me.  I can custom make them to meet your needs!
Happy Organization,


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bunny Surprises

If you have been following our Teachers Pay Teachers Store, you know we love to build up the positives through positive praise, rewards/incentives, etc.  Most of them do not cost a lot of money or take a great deal of time to prepare.  Our newest addition is no different ...

Kids love Easter & opening eggs to find out what is inside.
We loved that when we were kids, too!

This reward system is easy to use &
tons of fun for the kids!

Step one:
Go to the store and buy some plastic Easter eggs & a basket or if you save everything like we do ... dig the supplies out of your Easter storage!

Step two:
Print the "Bunny Surprises" set, cut, and fold the pages to place inside the eggs.

Step three:
Watch your students eyes light up as they discover
their "surprise!"
Here is one of our "Bunny Surprise" baskets!
Click here or on one of our pictures to get to the "Bunny Surprises" set!
"Hoppy" Teaching!
Karen & Alison