Sunday, April 20, 2014

Organizing Your Kid's Memories

I struggle daily with organization! Like many of my readers, I am very busy.  I have three kids, I work full time, and I also create items for our TPT store, Planet Happy Smiles.  I also love to make labels … the teacher in me, I guess …  I label most things.

I also must admit (while I am admitting things)
I LOVE Pinterest!
A while back, I saw some pictures of file boxes that looked similar to my crates that I started a long while ago. (If you go on Pinterest or Google, just search: kid memory boxes)  The pictures inspired me to go back to the drawing board on my crate idea & try it again!

I did not like my crates because they got dusty, not as “cute”, small, etc.  So I gave up on them.  Now several things sit in piles or boxes .. YUCK, I know!

So … I went to Walmart & got these file boxes with black lids.  Yes, I love the color black!  I also ordered the black hanging file folders to match on! LOVE!!!

I made some new “cute” labels for the fronts and also the tab labels to match and I must say, I LOVE them!  I laminated the labels for the outside of the boxes and taped them on with clear tape. Easy Peasy!  I also made labels to match for other items I am saving for the kids. (All matching of course)

tab labels
front labels  
I wish I had made these a long time ago!  Now, this will be my project to get everything to fit in them!  I am lucky because two of my kiddos are still little.  My biggest struggle will be with my oldest.  Wish me luck!  I hope this helps others out there that need some inspiration. 

I have also used a system similar to this in my classroom for my student's memory books throughout the year.  I just used two crates and split them by boy/girl! Now those need a face-lift!

If anyone wants me to add them to our TPT store, comment below or email me.  I can custom make them to meet your needs!
Happy Organization,


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