Sunday, July 21, 2013

Behavior System

Here is what the screen looks like with the children's avatars on it.  They get to choose their own avatar ... so neat!

(not my class, just an example)

OK, here I go … I may be trying to take on too many projects at one time, but I’m a little lot A.D.H.D.

I went to a workshop this summer that I just loved!  It was about differentiation.  I walked out with several ideas.  Now that I am viewing the world with eyes of a 2nd grade teacher,  I am growing in a different direction.

I was told about Class Dojo during on of our share times … I think I might have heard about it before … but did not venture to their site. Some of you have fantastic experiences with this & I need you!!! I wish I had tried it last year.

Here is my little secret that most don’t know … I just stepped into the world of smart phones.  I know, I am WAY behind the times.  I am going to use my new phone to access Class Dojo throughout the day.
(Happy Smile Crosses Face!)

I can not wait to try it this next year.  I love the little Avatar monsters & the kids will, too.  I really would like to change my whole class over to monster … hum.  OK ~ that’s another blog.

They are so colorful & cute!!!
I am working on a variety of ideas to tie it into the 7 Habits & would love any comments or suggestions you may have. I will also update this blog once I get it going during the school year.

I am so excited to take this step with you!
Happy Teaching,


  1. My friend/ co-worker has used Class Dojo in the past (Jessica @ Literacy My old partner used it too. Love the monster theme! We read a story at the beginning of the year called "Monster Goes to School" it's pretty old but it's about a monster who doesn't know how to behave and the teacher kicks him out of class and he realizes he needs to follow directions, etc.
    Welcome to the blogging world!

    1. Vanessa,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am going to both blogs & check them out tonight. I am also hoping I have that book, if not I will be on ebay tonight, too. I really appreciate your comment.
      Happy Blogging!

  2. I've heard nothing but great things about Dojo...the kids love it!.
    Good luck with the smart phone too. You will love that!
    I say you go with the monster theme too...nothing wrong with that.

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    1. Thanks, Mr. Matt! I love your positive comments & I am glad you stopped by. Making a monster Box Top Bin tomorrow! Yahoo! Happy Teaching!