Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bee-utiful Bee Art

This week at Sunny Days, my little friends made this adorable “Bee Art.”

It was a great project that we stretched over a few days.  It can be done in a shorter amount of time, but we had other projects we worked on.

Here are the steps they took to make this
“Frame Worthy” art.

1.Finger paint a sheet of white paper with yellow paint.
2.Marble roll a large sheet of light blue with white paint.
3.Use cars to make the black stripes on bee after the yellow paint dried.
4.Color a paper baking cup with markers.
5.Trace and cut out their hand on the fold of green construction paper for the leaves and wax paper for the wings.
6.Use their thumbprints to make the grass at the bottom.
7.I glued on the pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes when they completed all the steps.

(the kids added the legs after I took this picture but it is cute just the way the picture shows)

Hope you love it as mush as I do!
Happy creating!

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