Sunday, August 4, 2013

Monday Made It #3

Here is my third week of “Monday Made It!”
Thanks, Tara!

So for my third week I decided to branch out and show you a couple of other things I can do that have no zebra on them.  Then, I did add some zebra print for those zebra lovers out there.  I am so excited about the new projects I worked on and how they came out!  I have 3 more projects in the hopper, but they have not been completed ... I am so ADHD!!!

Project #1:  Labels for the home
I must start by saying I am a huge fan of labels.  I love them!!!  I am hoping it helps those that live in this house to put things up. (Including me)

Project #2:  OK.  Let's get personal ... Here is my personal hygiene toolbox.  We have talked a lot about toolboxes for the paperclips, staples, push-pins, etc. Now, it is time for the unmentionables ... In the past I housed these items in plastic drawers, now ... a tidy toolbox.  This box is also great for travel or to have in your bathroom for daily use.  A great place to house some of those travel sized products from the summer.
See my "happy" comb, mirror, & brush.
If you put medicine in it ... hide it up high!
I love organization!

Project #3:  I  found a box at Sams & I knew it would be great for something.  Since I have am/pm classes, I decided to use this box to house their flip journals.  I will be adding the labels once I can get into school & print. It came out better than I thought with my zebra tape!  I hope this does the trick!

Project #3: See the rainbow shelves on the far left?  My principal was not a big fan of them :o)  I almost lost them one year.  In kinder, the shelf housed my daily take home binders & I loved the organizational side of them.  Now that I am moving up to second, I decided to paint them.  I found an old can of chalkboard paint in the garage from a past project & painted the rainbow colors away!  Then, I bought some scrapbooking paper & I was so delighted that it fit perfect with no cutting!!!  Yahoo!  

What do you think?

Off to bed ... have to work tomorrow.

Boo ... I will miss summer & sleeping in!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Loving your personal toolbox. I so need to make something like this because I practically live at school.

    1. I am glad you like it ... I got tired of my drawers and this seemed to work so nice.
      Have a great year!

  2. Why did you almost lose your shelf? That makes me sad! I also need a tool box for school stuff. I have a big travelers toiletries bag that hangs in the closet in my bathroom that is locked so kids don't browse when they are in the bathroom. I was a fan of the rainbow! My husband came into my classroom and said why is this so organized but you are such a mess at home?! lol Oh well

    1. It made me a little sad, too. I spent a long time painting it & I thought it was very kinder friendly & functional. Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog! Hope you have a terrific year!