Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I am having so much fun setting up my new 2nd grade room!!!!  I must admit, I was scared at first ... Not as much anymore.

I just love the way it is coming together. I thought I did some pretty fun Kinder rooms, but 2nd grade is so different.

Here are some of my newest additions:

These are my helper cards!  I love that they match my zebra theme and I backed them with yellow cardstock to match the yellow in my room.  Love them!!!
You can purchase them here.
I did not use all of the cards provided.  It will depend on how many cuties I have in my class.  I like to have one job per kid.  I usually put the kid's names next to the job, but I am on the fence this year.  This seems like it might be easier.

These are erasers I made just by cutting a large one in quarters with a circular saw ... OK my dad cut them because he is AWESOME!  They work great and last so well.  After they were cut I added tag, stickers, and sealed it.

 Here if my new calendar numbers in zebra.  The complete header, numbers, and days of the week in zebra are offered in different colors:
I love the way they tie together ... I just need to print my headers, laminate, & change the old ones out.

 These are my table numbers that float from the ceiling.

I had a kinder from last year drop by after I put them up ... he said, "I love those."  SUCCESS!
I am sure they will be added to the store soon.
Email me or comment if you want me to make them in your decor!

Last item ... I made this fun pennant/banner and it turned out cute ... this is the tiny version.  I took brads and spray painted them yellow to connect the banner.  The picture did not take well.  So sorry!
You can see it better ... here

I hope you had fun viewing some of my new items.  I thought my classroom would look like a zebra threw up all over the room, but it is turning out nicely.
I can't wait to do my final reveal & show the whole class to you.

Happy Decorating & Shopping!


  1. Oooo I love the zebra theme! Very cute! What a great idea with the easers! Dad's are very handy!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. Thanks so much, Alison! My dad is very handy, your right ... gotta love those dads! So happy you stopped by & found some things that you like. I Hope you continue to come back for my BIG reveal! Happy Night, Karen

  3. I love all the smiley faces. They make your room look happy, happy, happy!


    1. Thanks, Jamie! I love them, too. I have had happy faces for so many year ... you would not believe how many I have. YIKES!
      I am so glad you stopped by!