Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ 2.22.15

This is my first time linking up with Teaching Trio!

Here is my Sunday Scoop ...
Do you ever have one of those days when you can not seem to get everything on your list done?  Then you find other distractions fun things to do instead ...
That is me today!!!

3 To Do's:
1. Do all of the laundry I have put off all weekend! I did most of it, but it is sitting in a stack waiting for me to put it away.  Hummmm ... maybe tomorrow ...
2.Finish the grade level weekly newsletter. I did this!  Yahoo!!!

3.Organize all of our outfits for tomorrow. I am almost done with this activity.  Mine is ready, Corey's is ready & he even helped, KK's is not even close!

2 Hope To Do's:
1.Finish two products I have been working on. Ummmm .. nope!

2.Join in on the TPTCHAT tonight. Yes, and it was GREAT!!! If you want to check it out is should be archived #tptchat.

1 Thing I am Happy To Do:
Spend some quality time with my kids. Not as much as I would like! Those chores sure do take away from what matters most.  I wish I had a magic fairy to get it all done!

I hope your scoop was a ton more successful than mine!!!
Have a very HAPPY week!

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