Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Labels Galore!!!

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Here is my short but fun post ...

I LOVE labels!!!  I love to label things ... Maybe it makes me feel more organized or maybe it helps.  Whatever the reason ... I love to label my classroom and it has spread to my home!  My friends call me the "Label Queen."  Does anyone else out there hold that title with me?

Here are a few of the labels that I have made and use in my room.  I love that they all match my zebra room.
I have a feeling more pictures coming soon!

This is an up-cycled Lysol wipe container that now holds our classroom rulers for math.  It was a win-win for my classroom and the Earth! I recycle containers often!

Instead of changing the teacher name on these containers for journals, I just put switch.  I just wanted to save some time each year because we are always changing partners!!!

Here are my 12 math tub labels for fast finishers!  I love that they make the tote tray cabinet a little cuter! Each tub holds activities for the kiddos to use when they complete their work/stations.

These were one of my favorite ideas ... magnetic picture frame labels.  We are not allowed to paint or adhere anything to the cabinets.  These detach so easy and I can change my contents of each drawer!
These are the 4x6 size.
I got them at Wal-Mart in the frame section.

This basket is used for my switch teacher to place all of her papers I need to add to the kiddo's Thursday folders.  I am pretty good about sorting them right away.  I love baskets!!!

This container holds all of the folders that go home on Thursday.  I have used it for a long time ... even when I was in kinder (it just had a different label).

I even labeled my lunch tub ... is there a rehab for people like me? LOL

Comment below or email me if you have any amazing labels that I might need to consider.  I love to get new ideas from you!

More to come ... I will keep you posted :o)
Happy Teaching!

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