Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blog Hop ~ All About Procedures!

I hope that somewhere in this blog you will find at least one procedure/idea that you can use in your classroom!
Of all of the WONDERFUL ideas out there, find what you love and give it a try.  If it doesn't work, scrap it and try a new one until you find the perfect fit.

 Here are some that are the perfect fit for me and my students.
One of the procedures I explain to my children on the 1st day is their job in the classroom.  We do this every Monday morning during our "Monday Meeting."  All of the "Leader Roles/Jobs" have names by them.  The table captains are easier, I just rotate the numbers 1 - 4 and they match the numbers on my tables. No trying to remember who has not had a turn or using my crazy checklist! HA!
I love that everybody has a role/job in our classroom ... it helps the take ownership of our room.
If having everyone do a job does not work for you or seems like too much to keep track of, have one "Helping Hand" of the day.  You can ring your students names and flip it daily. I have peers that do this and love it, too!  

Click on the picture below to see a large selection of helpers to match a variety of themes.

Tables & Numbers:
On my classroom tables I divide them and number the corners for a few reasons:
1. I like that every child knows their own space to work in.
2.  The numbers match my "Table Captains" and those kiddos are in charge of materials for that week.
3.  I can flexibly regroup them using the table numbers.
4.  The taped areas are also great for instruction.  If we are doing the 4 step process, the can write in the boxes with their dry erase and work as a team.  They are also great for showing numbers 4 different ways, etc.  Lots of teachable moments there!
Here is a picture of my crazy tables:
The box in the middle does not always stay there.  It is an activity for "Meet the Teacher."

Class Dojo:
I love using Class Dojo with my students, and they love it, too!!!  I use a variety of different rewards/incentives along with the Class Dojo.  They love the cute characters and they love the positive points!  I do not display any negative points but you can. The parents love that they can check on their child's behavior daily.  It is a win-win!  
Here is a picture of the little monsters:
Click on the picture below to check out the site!

 Here is a freebie for you!  Please click on the item below to get your freebie.We would love your feedback, too!

Homework Club:
Are you in the club?
Motivating Students to turn their homework in can be a challenge.  Here are a couple of examples of "Homework Clubs" that you can do in your classroom.
The Zebra picture is for a self-contained class and the red and blue are for "switch" classes.  The empty cookie sheet is for  those who have forgotten their homework.
The first week or two we let it slide with a warning.  After that, when they forget their homework they are out of the club and have to work to get back in.  We also tie rewards and incentives to return homework weekly and for staying in the club the whole 9 weeks.
Kids really want to stay in the club!

Here is a link to view a variety of different "Homework Clubs."  When we printed our pages, we changed the printer settings to make them small enough to fit on the button magnets.
Click on the picture below:

Classroom Supplies:
It is extremely important that you set up a "home" for all of your supplies and materials.  Organization is key to making sure the kids know how to find them and where to put things away.  Below are two views of my table materials for my classroom.  I love the organization of it all.  You can even see I labeled my cups, too and the kids are great about putting everything back where it goes.  I was very blessed to have WONDERFUL parents who donated the tubs to my room.  You could even add them to your "Wish List" if you have one.
I LOVE these!!!  

Tip:  Keeping up with your own classroom supplies can be tricky!  Some tend to sprout legs and walk away.  I added zebra tape to supplies and materials I do not want to walk out of class.  

Our store is full of materials to help set up your space for great procedures that match many different themes.

You have to find what works best for you and your students. 

I hope your year is a HAPPY one!

Go find some more fun ideas at Mixing It Up in Middle!


  1. I love the homework club! I think I might do that this year. What kind of incentive/reward did you give students for staying in the homework club? Thanks so much for participating in the blog hop!

    Primary on the Prowl

  2. Thanks so much for including us in the hop! We have so many rewards that we use in our classroom. The Class Dojo freebie lists some of them. Here is a link to our reward store (which we are about to update) Reward Coupons & Complete Store System
    Maybe some of these ideas will work for you. Lots of them are free. We also have a bigger celebration at the end of the 9 weeks. Have a super start to your year and Happy Teaching!