Thursday, August 7, 2014

Classroom Design~ Round 1

It is the first day of room set-up and I am excited that I finally have gotten back in my crazy room!

The first step I always start with is furniture placement.  I go in with a sketch and try and make my vision work.  Well ... this year, I have no real plan!  I just started moving everything. 
See the smiley face in the picture ... that was me!

Then the fun of opening cabinets begins!  Almost like opening Christmas presents! You never know what you might find (if you packed like me!) LOL!

It seemed that almost every cabinet I opened I found books!  Most of these are from teaching kindergarten.  I do not have a terrific chapter book library.  That is my goal this year!

 After a little while I began to see progress.  
#1 & 3 has my helper chart with my Kleenex box holder and germ-x bottles right next to the trash can! Underneath are the mailbox cubbies that need a makeover!
#2 Is a picture of my rules, Give me 5, 7 Habits, and schedule cards.  Below that is the start of my unfinished, reward center.  The red shelf is now home to paint this weekend. My Monday Made It!
#4 is a shot of my kid's binder shelf and basket for papers to go home.

 #1 is a shot of my teacher area.  Just getting started there.
#2 Is my guided reading table.  I have never had a "teacher desk" in all of my years of teaching.  I have always wondered what it would be like but then saw people posting they were getting rid of them.  I guess I never missed anything.
#3 Is the start to my "Hearts Desire" library.  This is where a lot of the "theme" books from kinder go. The kids LOVE them in 2nd, too!
#4 Is my "Favorite Authors" library with the matching characters.  This was one of their favorites last year!

Time to go home ... Still a HOT mess
#1 is a picture across my room to the front door.
#2 Extra storage containers ... do you have a ton of these but end up using most of them?
 Thanks so much for stopping by to see my progress.  More to come next week when we are back in the building everyday!
Happy Decorating You Room!

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