Saturday, August 2, 2014


So I missed the start of Aug.~ How could I do that ...this is my birthday month!!!  YIKES!

It is time to link up with Farley for another "Currently" ~
Listening:  My son cracks me up when he is playing a game and talking back to the TV.  Love his little laughter ... I could listen to it all day!

Loving:  I love that I do not start setting up my room until the 6th.  I always want to start earlier, but this summer I just want more of it.

Thinking:  Oh no, the 6th is this week ... YIKES!  That is a little scary. I have no sketch of my new room.  Must add that to the "To Do" list. 

Wanting:  When I really look back over my summer, all the plans I had did not happen.  I really need to get more disciplined during the summer.  I relaxed a ton!

Needing:  I can get lost on this computer  for hours.  That is why I have been going to bed around 2 am.  I have to stop that bad habit. So many projects in my head that are computer related.  The rest of my world needs some attention today!

1st day you and kids: 1st day for me is really the 6th, when I start setting up my room. The 1st day for our district is the 18th.  The kids come on the 25th.
The race starts soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you have a HAPPY start to your year.


  1. Hi there. I'm feeling the same as you- I did not get enough done this summer. But, we still have two weeks for productivity, right? When I step back and think about it, I usually have gotten more done than I give myself credit for. I tend to stay up too late working on computer projects, or just going down the Facebook rabbit hole. Good luck breaking that habit- early morning wake-ups for school tend to help. :)


    Always Adapting

    1. Amy,
      I am so glad you dropped by! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common. My next two weeks are filled with organizing, creating a great classroom environment for my new kiddos, and meetings. I wish I was doing something more exciting. I think I will try some early mornings, maybe starting next week. I am off to spend time with my babies. It is cuddle time! Have a terrific start to your year & stop back by when you get a chance.
      Happy Relaxing!